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Rememberingz are a style of cremation jewelry where we will carefully incorporate a small amount of your loved ones ashes into the resin. This also includes beloved pets.
Pictured below is a Rememberingz ring of our beloved Border/Aussie Dayzy along with one that we did for a friend with her daughters ashes, one that we did for a friend with her sisters ashes as well as a pendant done with her sisters ashes.  The gumball machine snow globes are a little different in that the base is the only part that contains ashes. The globe portion is glass and contains glitter, water and glycerin. You choose the color for the base and you can choose the glitter from the available options. The pictured cremation items are just examples and the two friends were nice enough to give us permission to display their items.
Please keep in mind that by adding the ashes it may slightly alter the color choice but we will try to get it as close as possible. 
Ring sizes by color and shape:

Gold Wide 7-12
Gold Skinny 6-13
Silver Wide 7-12
Silver Skinny 7-10
Black Wide 7-12
Black Skinny 7-12
Rose Gold 6-13
Rainbow Wide 7-12

For an extra $15 we will include a Hand made 20" necklace. We currently offer gold, silver and rose gold for chain colors.  Pendants automatically come with a chain that matches the pendant as closely as possible. 

Contact us for color options and details
We have 10 base colors that we offer (pictured) but I have several other options if you don't see what you like or you are looking for a different shade of that color. Just let me know what you are looking for and I can email or text you pictures of the options I have.  We have several glitter options to choose from. Pet globes come with the standard animal paw glitter but you can choose the color. As for other globes, you can choose they type of glitter based on what we have available. 
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