Read Before Purchasing

PLA (Polylactic Acid) filament is used on all 3D prints unless specified otherwise. PLA is an environmentally friendly Bioplastic made from corn starch and/or sugar cane. It is heat sensitive to temps over 120 deg F at which point it will soften and distort in those temperatures. While most 3D printed items are fairly sturdy, there are some prints that are fragile.

Some prints come with small detachable pieces that can be swallowed and should not be given to young children.

3D restrictions:

Some of our prints can take up to 48 hours to print so in order for us to offer them in a timely manner the option to choose your own color will not be available. The pictured items will be what is for sale.

Print to Order:

Prints that take less than 24 hours to print will have the option of choosing a color to be printed in. (Pictured prints are only an example of that color choice and therefore may not be available). Prints start the same day your order is placed and will be shipped the next business day after they are complete. 

Items that are already completed at the time of purchase will be shipped the next business day.